Our Story.

In 2015, TRU was founded on energy and passion. The energy to create beautiful, evocative designs married with the passion for delivering on clients’ briefs, thus, achieving an all-round commercial success.

Our process is about listening and asking the right questions about our clients and their goals. We explore the strategies and design ideas to attract and turn that attention into profit and actionable results.

Our diverse team of designers, copywriters and planners are equipped and experienced in tackling any sort of project in any industry. We also believe in collaborating with others such as freelancers and other suppliers, depending on the scope of work. After all, two heads are better than one.



Diagnosis & Positioning
Concept Development


Social Media
Event Management
Content & Strategy Planning

Talent Artillery

Space Styling
Graphic Design
Packaging Design


SINN. Managing Partner / Account Director

Managing Partner / Account Director

TRU’s gatekeeper and financial guardian. Careful, pragmatic and meticulous, she keeps TRU ticking like clockwork and is an irreplaceable part of the TRU machinery. She manages day-to-day operations and is involved in all aspects of the agency’s operations – from media and production to planning and meeting project deadlines. She ensures projects are well-managed and ensure their smooth implementation.


Jo. Managing Partner / Creative Director

Managing Partner / Creative Director

Creative brain and strategic mind behind all projects. She is the driver behind all the narratives and stories told by art, and also the glue that holds the team together. Her pet peeve is oversized body text and is a terrible nit-picker when it comes to spaces between letters.


HAIDER. Studio Manager

Studio Manager

The cornerstone of the design team. A software and print guru, he’s the ‘QC’ before anything goes to the printers. Or we can also say he’s the final hurdle, or the final pair of eyes that looks over work before it gets printed.


ALEXIS. Senior Designer

Senior Designer

A naturally creative person, her artwork allows us to see things differently and she has a knack for thinking outside-the-box. A fashion styling and design communication graduate, she has a unique imagination and comes up with some of the most creative ideas.


MAS. Designer


A woman of a few words but speaks with her actions and most of all, with her art. Mas is a great illustrator and does fabulous publications. She often finds new and innovative solutions to a problem. Quiet and steady, she delivers top quality work and believes that creativity gives us all the freedom to express ourselves.


SHUANG. Designer


A great eye for design layouts. Calm and swift, she produces the best of her abilities and its true happiness for her when her work is seen by others as creative. Her creative skills are an asset to the team and when we need a fresh look at a problem, we can turn to her for a novel perspective.